The Floor Support System® available from Quality Crawlspace Repair in Huntsville provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in crawl space. It not only provides supplemental support to your failing structure — it can also often lift failing floor joists or beams, restoring them to their original position.

When your Huntsville area crawlspace is in need of restoration, our Floor Support System® does more than merely halt the downward movement of your floor. Posts set on dirt floors should be upgraded to concrete pads with footings!

“What Causes Floors To Have Issues“

  • Foundation piers at the base of the slab or pier and beam foundation shifted and affected the other components supporting the house.
  • Foundation piers may move due to soil movement and cause foundation cracks
  • Excessive moisture in the vented crawl space of pier and beam structures
  • Improperly prepared soil prior to construction or other factors.