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It’s usually a good idea to check your home’s crawlspace a few times per year for potential problems that can occur later on. Some sources suggest to check less frequently, but 3 to 4 checks per year will ensure that you can get a head start on potential problems before they become more expensive to fix or get out of control altogether.

What To Look For

The main thing with any crawlspace check is to be vigilant and observant, paying special attention to details that can easily go unnoticed. Water is one of the biggest red flags that you could find. If you see water pooling anywhere in your crawlspace, you should have it professionally inspected, as this can be caused by flooding, leaking pipes, or other problems. You’ll want to inspect your moisture barrier to check it for tears or holes. If your moisture barrier is damaged, you’ll need to get it repaired right away in order to avoid dampness or insects/pests getting in. Other things to check for in your crawlspace include insects/rodents or signs of presence such as droppings and litter, signs of water damage or dry rot, torn or missing insulation, loose joists, and damaged air ducts.